Optimising Group Performance

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Group Science

Optimising Group Performance

Group Science assists groups to work more effectively through the application of an innovative approach to group dynamics based on human evolutionary development and behavioural science. Our unique approach leverages the latest thinking and the success of a Nobel prize-winner in the identification and application of proven principles and practices that optimise group performance and productivity.

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What We Do

Whether a new or an existing group the challenge is the to optimise group to ensure all group members are working effectively together to achieve group goals. Group Science will work with each group to apply a set of principles and practices shaped to each group's unique context that will quickly enhance their performance and output irrespective of their current performance. Get in touch to learn more about how Group Science can help lift group performance.

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Who Will Benefit

The principles and practices of Group Science apply to any group in any context where group output and performance are important. Group Science will help a newly formed group to hit the ground running or one that has been operational for years and needs some rejuvenation and renewal.  Whether your group is operating within a corporate environment or is a not-for-profit, the Group Science approach will be equally effective. Regardless of industry sector, whether it is in education or government, whether it is religious or sporting, Group Science's principles and practices will work for you. A cross-functional group will benefit, as will a group formed to manage a one-off event. Group Science is the answer to delivering better inter and intragroup outcomes.


Customisable Options

Group Science will as a first step seek to understand the specific context in which the group operates in order to design the most effective way to introduce the Group Science principles and practices. Online surveys are available to gauge both current context and issues, the current application of desired group principles and practices, as well as to measure and record post-implementation performance. These optional surveys support face-to-face 1/2, full-day or multiple-day workshops all delivered within an environment designed to optimise learning. Get in touch today to discuss all options available or a fully customised solution.

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Optimised Performance Outcomes

As the automation of work continues, effective personal and inter/intragroup communication has never been more critical to organisational performance. Couple this with the continuing challenge of decreasing workforce engagement, organisations must focus on creating and maintaining an environment that allows individual and group purpose and identity to be aligned and satisfied.

Group Science optimising team performance outcomes:

  • Greater team cohesion

  • Enhanced clarity of group purpose and identity

  • Improved trust

  • Improved communication

  • Improved transparency of group dynamics

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Accelerated identification, examination and remedial action of any dysfunctional individual/group dynamic

  • Reviewed/renewed commitment to the group

  • Enhanced recruitment and on-boarding of new group members

  • Enhanced group goal setting

  • Improved individual and group outcomes

  • Higher group member retention

  • Improved inter-team communication, collaboration and mutual support

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