Creative Solutions

Irrespective of the intrinsic value of the Group Science core design principles and practices a critical ingredient is the learning environment in which this content is presented.

Each group can elect to attend a 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day or 3 day workshop with each workshop supported by pre and post online surveys and assessments. Every workshop will be a hands-on experiential experience immersing the participants in a fun but challenging learning environment incorporating proven adult learning principles.

The longer the workshop duration the more opportunity for a deeper dive into the Group Science group performance optimisation content and process. In addition, longer workshops will allow deeper engagement through additional learning activities designed to promote and accelerate learning and post-workshop application. Additional opportunity will also be available to incorporate more customised learning relevant to a group's unique context and challenge.

Group Science provides a template for the effective application of its group performance optimisation principles and practices regardless of the workshop length.  Like all good templates this can be modified to enhance learning outcomes and take-aways as well as incorporating unique needs, circumstance and desired outcome.

Contact Group Science today for your own creative solution for group performance optimisation.